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This site is dedicated to my three favorite couples in the series Days of Our Lives.
Diana Colville & Roman Brady (played by Genie Francis and Drake Hogestyn)
Jennifer Horton & Jack Devereaux (played by Melissa Brennan-Reeves and Matthew Ashford)
Robin Jacobs & Michael Horton (played by Derya Ruggles and Michael T Weiss)
mini-mural of Diana and Roman, Jennifer and Jack, and Robin and Mike

Diana & Roman:

Roman with arm around Diana as she clutches his jacket
Why they are the best: They have it all; romance, humor, sensuality, and true love. As “the cop and the reporter” they were often at odds; yet this allowed them to investigate numerous situations from different angles which led them on one adventure after another. Even through all of the typical soap dilemmas (stupid misunderstandings, former spouses returning from the dead, etc) they maintained a sense of commitment to one another and an “us-against-all-odds” attitude (even if their scenes weren’t written that way, they were acted that way.) And when things they did seemed way out of character (Roman letting her believe he was having an affair and had turned bad as a cop or Diana agreeing to marry Victor to save her mother from going to prison) they gave a sense of realism to senseless predicaments. Given their jobs, they are one of the few soap couples who could have remained happily together and still had front-burner storylines.

Favorite Moment: In Greece, while Diana was undercover at the Kiriakis Villa, Roman snuck in one morning to see her. Even Victor almost catching them wasn’t enough to make him leave, as he just had to be with her. This was the first of many, many times he would say “I just couldn’t stay away.” (or some variation there of.)

And they lived happily ever after… in Salem. Roman remained on the police force and Diana continued to publish, edit, and write for the ‘Salem Spectator’ with Jack. They were happily married and raised Carrie, Samantha, Eric, and the three children they had together; all of whom grew up to be nice, normal people. They were still often at odds professionally, yet continued to rescue one another on their numerous escapades.

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